Baking Soda and Conceiving a Boy

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Do you have your heart set on a little boy? If you do you probably know there are many different techniques to try to get pregnant with a boy. One of the most promising things you can do is change your body’s pH level.  You can change your pH level with diet and supplements. Baking soda is one promising supplement with many uses.

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Why pH Matters

Your body is either acid or more alkaline. The human body tends to be slightly more alkaline. If you are hoping to get pregnant with a boy you want to make your body as alkaline as possible. It’s also good for your husband’s body to be alkaline.

The sperm that carry the Y chromosome prefer a more alkaline environment.  They seem to thrive in that environment, and may be able to get to the act more quickly and such conditions.

Your diet and environmental variables can help influence your body pH and give you a greater chance of getting a boy.

How to Use Baking Soda

There are different ways you can use baking soda to help change your body pH. One of the easiest ways is by using it as a baking soda drink.  Remember, when you use baking soda like this you are taking it as a supplement. You should use caution with this as you do with any supplement.

To make a baking soda drink simply take a small amount of baking soda such as one quarter to one half teaspoon and mix it into a small amount of water — about half glass of water should be good.  Drink this in the morning, and again in the evening if you’d like. This helps to raise your body pH and make your body more alkaline.

There are also other ways that you can use baking soda if you’re trying to conceive a boy. You can try taking a bath with some baking soda in the water.  For this, use two pounds of baking soda and two parts sea salt, or use four pounds of baking soda and relax — take a good soak. You can also just make a baking soda scrub using three parts baking soda and one part water, this common beauty treatment could possibly help lower your body pH.

Baking soda finger is something you may have heard about if you have read anything on choosing your baby’s gender. To do a baking soda finger you can dip your fingertip into a little bit of baking soda then insert into your vagina. This can be painful — some women complain that it burns. I personally think that the baking soda drink is the best way to use baking soda to lower pH.

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Lowering pH for a Girl with Vaginal Moisturizers

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Lowering your body pH is an effective strategy to increase your chances to conceive a girl. If you’re hoping for a daughter, you’ve probably read plenty of information different ways to boost your chances, and all of that can get overwhelming. One of the quickest ways to quickly lower pH is using vaginal moisturizing products.

You can use these products easily and effectively close to the time you ovulate. This gives you quick results while you try to conceive a girl and frees you from worry at other times in your menstrual cycle.

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Replens and Aci-Gel

These moisturizers are meant to help keep the pH levels of the vaginal environment fairly stable. This means they won’t take your pH level extremely low, but they will get it to a nice even level around 4.5, which is good for getting pregnant with a girl.

These products are gel-based and tend to coat the vagina and cervical opening. They will combine with semen and your regular cervical fluids, which, according the research of Atomic Sagebrush, may help lower the pH of these bodily fluids.

You’ll need to re-apply these products daily during your fertile window.


RepHresh is another vaginal moisturizer (made by the same company as Replens). Like Replens, it helps to balance the pH of the vagina and works to keep it around 4.5.

It may be more potent than Replens in that it aggressively works to drop higher pH, even when something new, like semen, is introduced into the vagina. This is great if you’re hoping to get pregnant with a girl. You want to get that pH level as low as possible. Sometimes going lower than 4.5 is very irritating, so you may prefer the steady results around 4.5 that RepHresh gives.

RepHresh is also a gel — a very sticky, viscous gel that lasts few several days. It’s not as prone to getting diluted as Replens is, so you can use one application and it keeps working for you for about three days. It may not work as quickly as Replens or Aci-gel, but the effects last for longer.

Choose your product based on your situation — will be you trying in a few days after a cut-off? Are you trying for O+12 timing of intercourse? In the latter situation, you may want the possibly faster action of Replens and Aci-gel. In the former situation, RepHresh is a powerful and convenient choice!

Remember, as with all supplements, you should watch how your body reacts. It’s best to use moisturizers along with diet and lifestyle strategies to enhance your chances of getting a little girl as high as you can.

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